Leading Research

Leading global automotive safety research company Dynamic Research, Inc., (DRI) found that OPDs, particularly the Quad Bar should not be fitted to ATVs because of the risks of injury that they could cause riders.

The conclusions were based on:

  • simulations, validated by full-scale tests, of 110 real-world rollover accident scenarios on incidents from the US and UK - the most thorough and current research in the world, and
  • consideration and review of the Uni of NSW TARS report

DRI’s has been involved in ATV safety research, including vehicle dynamics, stability, and crashworthiness for around 40 years. This also includes motorcycle and vehicle safety testing.

Scott Kebschull, Vice President and Technical Director of DRI said: “The current ACCC recommendation and the policies of WorkSafe in NSW and Victoria for the fitting of OPDs are putting riders at risk. 

“Our evidence highlights the wearing of safety helmets as the most effective device for reducing ATV injuries and deaths, along with safe rider training. It’s wear and ride - safety first!”

Act NOW with your MPs to ensure the best rider safety decisions are made.

Contact your local MP

Join fellow Quad bike riders and say No to any ’unsafe’ recommendation for the fitting of operator protection devices (OPDs) to their bikes.

This objection is based on:

  • Our desire for greater safety on the bike through mandatory wearing of safety helmets and rider education.
  • Flawed, and unworkable recommendations that are potentially a greater risk to riders’ lives.
  • Promotions by WorkSafe in Victoria and NSW on the fitting of OPDs which DRI research show riders are being put at risk.

Contact your local Federal and State MP

You can:

  • Call their office for an appointment 
  • Talk to them about the DRI research which shows OPDs do Not enhance rider safety based on 110 real-world accident scenarios on incidents from the UK and USA
  • Call for decisions to be made on the latest real-world research for rider safety