World-leading vehicle safety research and best practice in the US says OPDs do NOT enhance Your Safety! But the Federal government is considering introducing them.

Send an email now to Michael Sukkar so the government does not make the wrong decision on Your Safety. The ACCC originally recommended the fitting of OPDs on quad bikes (ATV - all-terrain vehicles) in Australia as a safety measure. This recommendation flew in the face of World-leading research*. It shows that the wearing of safety helmets and compulsory rider education will achieve a better outcome.

Leading Quad bike manufacturers - whose interest has always been in the safety of riders - also agree that OPDs are not the answer to your safety. They say OPDs are flawed, unworkable and may put your life at greater risk.

ACT NOW and Say NO to the so-called ‘Silver Bullet’ solution of OPDs.

Send an email to the Federal Minister Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar or your local MP and highlight that roll bars won’t solve the issue, nor will Subsidies - they are false Safety measures.  User education, rider behaviour, the wearing of safety helmets and no child under 16 on adult bikes will make a significant reduction to injuries and deaths.

ACT NOW for safe riding and Education NOT Legislation and further costs and intrusions.